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Pitt gets a unique endorsement for Clement

Corey Clement has been interested in Pitt since the Panthers offered him a scholarship in late February. But last week he had the unique opportunity to meet some people at the highest level of football, and the experience pushed him even closer to Pitt.
"My dad knows a guy who knows (Philadelphia Eagles quarterback) Mike Vick's bodyguard, so he set something up where we had diner and then sat down later and talked for a little while," Clement told Panther-Lair.com. "We were talking about picking a college and what I should do, and Mike Vick said he saw my highlight tape and said I should go to Pitt.
"He said, 'You run just like (Eagles running back) LeSean McCoy, and he went to Pitt. You should go there, too.'"
Vick wasn't the only Eagle to draw the McCoy comparison.
"I met a few of the players and the coaches, and (Eagles head coach) Andy Reid came over and said, 'Was that you on the highlight tape?' I said yes, and he said I reminded him of LeSean.
"LeSean McCoy is my idol. I've been following him since he was at Pittsburgh. It was ironic that they said to go to Pitt, because I was already thinking about Pitt a lot."
In fact, Clement said that Pitt stands out among his 17 scholarship offers.
"I see Pitt as a great school for me; I believe I can be the next one for Pitt," he said. "I like the running backs coach and we really connected. He said he knew I could be a great running back at Pitt because I'm fast and elusive and a downhill runner. I could really see myself being a Pitt Panther.
"I just want to learn more about their coaching staff. I want to make sure that the staff is going to be there and they're stable. I want to know that they're going to be there."
Clement's concerns are probably understandable, since Pitt has gone through three coaching searches in the last two years. But he plans to spend more direct time with Paul Chryst and the current coaching staff.
"I'm looking at visiting Pitt somewhere around June 15th; that's the first visit I'm trying to make," Clement said. "I'm going to go to Pitt and then hit up West Virginia that same weekend. After that, I'd like to visit Notre Dame, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Those are the six I want to get to this summer."
Clement, 5'11" 206, said that he will probably make his decision either right before his season or during the fall.
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