Pitt updates depth chart for Maine week

Pitt released its updated depth chart for Saturday's game against Maine. breaks down the changes:
- Redshirt junior Justin Virbitsky is listed as backup left tackle. Last week the listed backup was junior Zenel Demhasaj.
- Freshman running back Isaac Bennett no longer appears in the running back depth chart. Barring unforeseen circumstances, Bennett will likely redshirt.
- Freshman defensive lineman Khaynin Mosley-Smith is the listed backup at fullback, replacing Randy Morris. Mosley-Smith - or any fullback, for that matter - will likely be used in goalline situations.
- Redshirt senior Greg Williams is listed as the starter at Spur linebacker. Redshirt freshman Todd Thomas is his backup and redshirt sophomore Carl Fleming is the second reserve. Redshirt junior Andrew Taglianetti is not listed at Spur.
Last week, Taglianetti and Thomas were listed as co-starters. Todd Graham said that Taglianetti would play the position on passing downs and Thomas would work on base downs. But Williams started the game and played Spur linebacker for the bulk of the base-defense downs.
- Redshirt senior Max Gruder is the lone starter at weak-side linebacker. Last week he shared the starter designation with Tristan Roberts, who is the backup at both inside linebacker positions.
- Redshirt senior Buddy Jackson is listed as the primary backup at both cornerback positions.
- Freshman Lloyd Carrington is listed only as a second reserve at cornerback (last week he was a second reserve at Bandit safety).
- Freshman Lafayette Pitts is the backup at Bandit safety, ahead of redshirt freshman Brandon Ifill.
- Andrew Taglianetti is the backup at free safety, also ahead of Ifill.
- Freshman Ronald Jones is the lone starter at punt returner. Last week he was listed as a co-starter with redshirt junior Cameron Saddler, but Jones fielded all punts in the opener against Buffalo.