August 26, 2008

2010 Prospect Receives U-Dub Offer

There may be another Kearse on campus come 2010. Lakes High School wide receiver Jamaal Kearse, younger brother of true freshman Husky wide receiver Jermaine, received an offer from Washington earlier this month while on an unofficial visit to Montlake.

"It was during the junior day they had. I talked to Coach [Charlie] Baggett and watched some some film with him. Then I got a chance to talk with Coach [Tyrone] Willingham, and that's when I was offered," explained the 6-foot-2, 190-pound junior. "It wasn't a surprise, but I wasn't expecting it. I was hoping for it. I kind of had a feeling it was going to happen, but I wasn't really sure."

So what did the Husky head man see in Kearse to extend an offer?

"Coach Willingham said that he likes that I'm a strong receiver," said Kearse. "He likes that my heart and my head are in the game. He said I'm a smart receiver and I make smart decisions."

Baggett also offered some insight on the young playmaker.

"He likes the fact that I don't really follow in Jermaine's footsteps," expressed Kearse. "I try to be better than him. He said he likes that I play hard and always go the whistle."

The Husky offer is the first for Kearse, but many more are sure to come for the talented wide out, who many believe will turn out to be better than Jermaine. Kearse is already drawing comparisons to former Lakes High School and U-Dub standout Reggie Williams.

"Aside from Washington, Oregon is talking to me the most. I talked to one of their coaches when I was at the NIKE Camp. He said they're really looking at me and looking forward to recruiting me. He said he wants me to come on a visit," explained Kearse. "I've also received a few letters from some other schools like Cal, Notre Dame, Clemson, Colorado, Northwestern, Princeton, Stanford and Idaho State."

Kearse currently has a top three of Washington, Oregon and Cal, with the Huskies holding a slight edge over the other two. All schools currently recruiting Kearse, are recruiting him for wide receiver.

"U-Dub has always been in my top three. So far, they're number one because they've offered," explained Kearse. "But I'm still really interested in Oregon and Cal. I'm not quite sure who's my number two, I'm liking both of them a lot."

So what does Kearse like about Washington?

"I like their coaching staff, they have a really strong coaching staff. I like the way the coaches work with their players and I like the environment out there," expressed Kearse. "I like the school grounds - it's easy to find everything. The people are willing to help you with everything you need. It's an all-around good environment."

And Oregon?

"I like their team, it's a well built team, strong team," said Kearse. "Their coaching staff is good and the coaches take care of their players."

And Cal?

"I like their environment," Kearse said. "They also have a strong team. They are a passing team and I like that."

While Kearse likes the idea of playing alongside his older brother at Montlake, it won't be the deciding factor.

"Of course I would love to play with my brother, but whatever I feel is the right school for me, where I feel like I'm at home, is the school I'm going to choose," said Kearse. "He doesn't really talk to me about going to Washington. I still talk to him a lot about how practices are going, but he doesn't really talk to me about where I will go. He wants to leave that up to me."

Speaking of Washington's practices, Kearse has been to a few this Fall, and offered up his impressions of what he's seen.

"The defense is really stepping it up, and of course the offense is pretty good too. The have a pretty good receiving corp. They really use their receivers and they also use their running backs. The running game opens up the passing game and the passing game open up the running game - it's a balanced offense and I like that," expressed Kearse. "They have a really good team, but they have a tough schedule, so we'll have to see how they do."

If it wasn't enough that Lakes lost a bevy of senior talent after last season, the Lancers made the move from the Western Cascade League to the tougher SPSL this season, and Kearse knows they have their work cut out for them, but is confident in his team.

"We lost a lot of seniors and we're going to be a really young team, but we're going to have a lot of talent. We have a lot of players are willing to put in the work," explained Kearse. "We're in the SPSL now and we anticipate it to be a bit harder than the league we were just in. We have a big challenge ahead of us."

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