June 26, 2006

Waiting for the big one

In a state known for its frequent use of seismographs to measure or predict earthquake activity, many a conversation by Californians and late-night talk show hosts alike eventually drift toward the topic of the next major earthquake, or 'waiting for the big one'. With offers rolling in from all over the country, West Oakland's native son and McClymonds High's Willie Griffin is still 'waiting for the big one', as in the big offer from the big-primetime-on ABC/NBC schools.

"I'm working on Miami, Notre Dame and Michigan, if I get those to offer me, I'll have more to consider. When it's all said and done, I'll make my choice on my own with Coach (Alonzo) Carter and my mom in my corner. That being said, I'm going to find out where I am on their board for running backs."

And Washington Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano has made it clear that there's plenty of room from Griffin in the Husky backfield.

Coach Lappano spoke to me and said they loved my film and they want me up there to check out the campus and the players. Oddly enough, for a recruit who's being in his words by ''basically the whole Pac-10", Willie's immediate travel plans, are well, not all that immediate.

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