September 2, 2004

Rutgers poised to answer remaining questions

This is the first in a three-part commentary series on the state of the Rutgers men's basketball program heading into the 2004-05 season. Part 2 will focus on Rutgers' freshman class and will be posted in mid-September. Part 3 will focus on the team's chances in the Big East and will be posted in early October.

The summer has come and gone. It's September and in a week, basketball players from around the nation will return for another year of high school or college. For some high schoolers, it will mark the start of their final academic and athletic tune-ups before college. For others, it will be the next step in that long, winding journey toward college. And for college players, it will be the quiet before the storm -- the 6-week period before college basketball season kicks off in mid-October with Midnight Madness ceremonies around the country.

But for every basketball player, September represents one thing: the time when all's quiet on the front. Sure, there will be some in-home and on-campus recruiting visits. There might even be a few commitments here and there. But for the most part, not much will happen in the basketball realm during September. That doesn't mean it should be ignored, however, especially for Rutgers. There are plenty of questions that need to be answered before the Scarlet Knights kick off their season with MidKnight Madness on Oct. 15. Log in for a look at some of the issues facing Gary Waters and Co. as we roll into September.

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