April 6, 2012

Hurst addresses recent developments

Everyone has known the state of Massachusetts has an elite prospect from the Class of 2013 for a long time. Of course, that prospect is John Montelus of Everett. Now, however, there appears to be another.

Maurice Hurst Jr. has "arrived" so to speak.

The 6-foot-2, 285-pound Xaverian defensive tackle recently picked up an offer from Ohio State to go along with offers from Nebraska, Michigan State and a host of other schools across the country.

It wasn't long ago when Hurst was a relatively unknown junior recruit making his way to Boston College for a visit. He picked up that offer from the Eagles and everything is history since.

Hurst has always been open about the fact that Boston College greatly appeals to him. With the recent offer from Ohio State, however, many in the BC fan base appear ready to call it a lost cause.

On Friday, Hurst actually reached out to EagleAction.com for some unprompted thoughts on things he had seen.

"BC is going to be in my top (group of schools) until I decide. I don't know why people think I scratched them off," Hurst said via text message.

Does he have any other "top" schools, so to speak?

"Not really since I haven't been anywhere else yet," he replied. "But BC, Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State stick out because those are the programs I know the most about already just from being a college football fan."

Hurst admitted he was ecstatic when the Buckeyes offered though he's trying to keep a level head.

"I was pretty excited," he said with a big laugh. "It's a big-time school in a great conference with a lot of history of being great."

For Boston College it might come down to how comfortable he feels at some of those other schools on his visits.

Hurst seems to like the idea of staying close to home but it won't be the only factor in his decision.

"I'm real close with my family," he noted. "We all live within five minutes from each other. But on the other hand there is a reason why I didn't go to Canton High, because they were terrible."

With that last statement Hurst acknowledged that location won't be the only factor in his choice and seemed to indicate that schools such as the three in the Big Ten that he mentioned could have a little leg up in at least one respect.

When will Hurst make his decision?

"It honestly depends on how my visits go with some of these big-time programs full of tradition," he said. "If I feel like it's not that great and I don't feel like sitting on the bench for three years before I play then it will be (an) early (decision). If I'm not sure it will be later in the year."


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