February 14, 2012

Ennis talks SU visit

Newark (N.J.) St. Benedict's is home to one of the top guards in the class of 2013 and that player is Tyler Ennis. The Orange offered him a couple months ago and this weekend he was on campus.

"They offered me back about two months ago," Ennis said. "I think Syracuse is a great program, great school, great history with guards, and a great history of winning. They have a Hall of Fame coach and I just think they are a real good program."

With the offer in hand what did the 6-foot-2, 180 pound guard think of the visit?

"It was great I got to see the campus, I saw them practice, and I had a chance to meet a lot of people. It was a great time," Ennis added. "Last time I was up there just for the events and I did not get to see much of the campus or anything. This time I got a chance to see everything. It was a little cold, but it was a good trip."

Not only did the Garden State prospect have a chance to see the campus, he was also part of the biggest college crowd to watch a basketball game this season.

"It was crazy, when the players were warming up you could see everybody filing in and when the game was about to start you saw thousands of people wearing orange. The student section was crazy; they had the big faces and everything."

When the game was over Ennis and his family had a chance to talk with the Syracuse coaches.

"We just talked about how much freedom the guards get on the team. They were telling me the guards make their own reads and call their own plays. Then they pretty much told me the situation if I did choose to go to Syracuse."

For Syracuse former point guard turned assistant coach Adrian Autry is recruiting Ennis and the prospect has a lot in common with the coach.

"Coach Autry is recruiting me. I have a good relationship with him. My Dad and him talk a lot. He always calls and checks up on me to see how I played.

"I do like the fact the Coach Autry was a point guard and Coach Mac (Gerry McNamara) as well. They just tell me about how great it is to be a guard for Coach Boeheim. They both told me that he always has your back, he is in your corner and he is going to fight for you. They said that is why players will play so hard for him. They also said going there and being an alumni is like a family, you see the older players coming back for games and stuff like that."

This was his second visit to Syracuse an even though he liked it he is not ready to talk about favorites.

"I do not have any favorites right now. Syracuse was my first unofficial visit and I have not really seen any other campuses yet. They are a great program, it is a great situation, and it is close to home. They will be a school that I strongly consider."

As for other visits there is nothing planned, but some visits are being worked out.

"As of right now I do not have any set visits. I know my dad has been talking with the coaches from Louisville and Arizona about taking a visit after the season or in the summer."

When it comes to ending the process do not look for Ennis to end his recruitment soon.

"I will probably shorten my list during the summer and sign in the early period next year."

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