November 28, 2011

Recruits talk Iron Bowl, LSU rematch

Alabama's 2012 recruiting class liked what it saw from the Crimson Tide in their 42-14 win over in-state rival Auburn. caught up with some of the top players in the class to talk about the game and a possible rematch with LSU.

CB Geno Smith - Atlanta, Ga.
On the Iron Bowl win
"I was excited that it was a win, but I was more excited that they won in that fashion. After last year's game and the comeback victory, I was just excited about the win. Win or lose, if Alabama was to lose that game, I still would've been 100 percent committed. I guess it did reaffirm my decision."

On his prediction of 42-0 Alabama
"I didn't really expect Auburn to be able to do much on offense against Alabama, and I didn't believe that Auburn could stop Trent Richardson. I didn't think they were big enough or strong enough to stop the. I was pretty close (with my prediction ). It was 42-14, and the two touchdowns were off special teams and the fumble in the end zone."

On a rematch with LSU
"That's going to be a huge game. I hope Alabama gets an opportunity to get a rematch and get back at them because I know it was a great game the first time. I feel like the second go-around, they will be a little better on offense."

"I think it's pretty obvious that LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the country, so I'm definitely for the rematch."

WR Chris Black - Jacksonville, Fla.
On the Iron Bowl win
"I thought Bama looked great, passing the ball and especially with Trent (Richardson). He had like 200 rushing yards. I thought the offense looked great. They made a statement that said they definitely need to be in the national championship."

On a rematch with LSU
"I think Alabama is deserving of a chance to play LSU again, if LSU beats Georgia in the SEC championship. I'm sure everybody wants to see that game again. Personally, I think Alabama played better the first time. We just need to get some things moving on the offensive side of the ball this time around, and we should be the national champs."

LB Reggie Ragland - Madison, Ala.
On the Iron Bowl win
"I kind of expected it to be that way because Auburn's young, but it was a good game for (Alabama) and they did what they were supposed to do."

"I was kind of surprised because normally, if one of the two is real good that year and trying to go to the national championship, the other team usually keeps it close but that wasn't the case this year. The score was ridiculous to me."

On a rematch with LSU
"They should go because the only team Alabama lost to was LSU. I don't think Oklahoma State deserves to go because they lost to Iowa State, who had their one big game and then got blown out by Oklahoma on Saturday. I think Alabama deserves that chance."

ATH Tyler Hayes - Thomasville, Ala.
On the Iron Bowl win
"I had a feeling that Alabama was going to blow them out, but I didn't know it was going to be like that. Their defense was bad. I can't wait to play on it."

"It was nice because it kept Alabama in a good position to play for the BCS championship."

On a rematch with LSU
"The way they played against LSU, they should've won. LSU just executed when they needed to. I think it should be a rematch because I believe they're the top two teams in the nations, so they might as well have a rematch."

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