June 15, 2011

Army safety commit is a Man at Work

When the dust has settled this summer after the incoming freshmen have survived Beast and the New York summer practices on the campus of West Point, there will be some that will be regulated to JV squad to extend their development. However, we anticipate that safety Duran Workman will be in the mix somewhere this season at the varsity level.

The Workman

The very active and hard hitting safety has been working diligently after being sideline during the spring and early part of the summer with a nagging hamstring injury.

"I'm doing great right now," says Workman. "I pulled hamstring and didn't run track, but it's pretty close to 100% now."

So what is the future Black Knight out of St. Albans, West Virginia been doing to get ready for his step into Division I football?

"Man, I'm excited and working out three times a day and five times a week," shares Workman who now tips the scales at 6-foot-0, 205 pounds.

"My dad's best friend (Walter Easley) who played in the NFL and he's been training me from morning to noon. Then I do my lifting for Army at about 4pm then I run distance at night … about two miles."

"We just do conditioning … We work our way up to fourteen 300's all under 55 seconds with one rest in between."

Future Teammates
Like most members of Army's 2011 recruiting class, Workman has already connected with his soon to be class and teammates, as they hope to hit the ground running.

"I keep in touch with them all on Facebook and we are getting all excited … it's coming up here in about two weeks," says an enthusiastic Workman.

"I speak to David Evans a lot and some of the incoming guys like Ryan Powis and Trenton Turrentine. I met them on my official visit. I just try to keep in touch with everyone I can."

So what is the main topic of conversation between the future Black Knights? "We really just talk about the things we can accomplish with the class and talent coming in," he shares. "We are confident with the overall talent coming in and we just want to help Army win."

Beyond his bonding with his soon to be teammates, Workman has stayed in constant contact with the Army coaching staff and more specifically his recruiting coach, Gene McKeehan.

"I speak to Coach McKeehan about once a week and what's going on with me. What to expect for this upcoming season and what they expect out of me," declares Workman.

"They expect me try to get on the field. But hopefully at least special teams and to try to be in the mix there on defense."

Workman is well aware that the team has lost its top three safeties in Donovan Travis, Donnie Dixon and Jordan Trimble, which makes for a great opportunity for the incoming safety to make some noise early in his Army football career. "Oh yeah, that's basically has been my motivation and my workouts this last couple of months with the opportunity to get on the field because of the guys that graduated," he shares. "I look forward to the opportunity and want to make the best out of it."

Reception Day (R-Day)

With R-Day right around the corner, reality is about to sat in for those selected few that have the honor of attending West Point. No matter who you are or what you think you might know coming in, there always resides some level of anxiety and Workman is the first to admit that he is part of that club.

"Of course there's going to be little butterflies, because it's unlike anything else I have ever experienced in life," he confirms. "At the same time, it's my dream and it's what I have been waiting for my entire life. I know that I'm prepared and ready."

Prior to suiting up in the Black & Gold of Army, Workman will have one more high school football hooray as he participates this Saturday in the West Virginia North-South Football Classic. According to Workman, he will start at safety, but also return kicks and even see some reps at running back.

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