September 28, 2010

Bobby Ray Parks Travels the Globe Chasing His Hoops Dreams

They say the journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step, and the saying could not be more factual for Bobby "Ray" Parks, Jr.

On the road to his ultimate goal of playing the game of basketball at the highest level, Ray has made a few pit stops here and there. He, no doubt, has probably racked up more flying mileage in one trip than most teenagers have altogether. His father, Bobby Parks, Sr., could be credited with that.

Bobby Parks Sr. played professional basketball in the Philippines when Ray was born. After a stellar career at Memphis State, Parks Sr. took his skills overseas where he would become one of the most famous faces in the country. "Most of the basketball players there, the famous ones, are stars," said Parks Sr. "They become politicians, actors, and things like that, so that shows you the popularity of it."

You could say Parks Sr. was sort of a politician in the Philippines with all the hands he shook, pictures he took, autographs he signed, and babies he kissed.

"If I'm eating, if I'm walking, if someone stopped me and asked for an autograph, I always accommodated them," said Parks Sr. "I think that was another reason I was successful and they appreciated me."

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