December 7, 2009

Quiet Sooner Making Friends on Official

There are a lot of outgoing members of Oklahoma's class of 2010 but Trey Millard would readily admit that he isn't the 'class clown'. So it's no surprise that the four-star athlete from Columbia (Mo.) Rock Bridge arrived in Norman for his official visit on Nov. 28 with little knowledge of his future teammates.

Fortunately for him, and the rest of the Sooner class, it didn't take long to change that.

"It was really good, I just got to meet a lot of guys down there that it was good to meet my future teammates," Millard said. "I was there with Blake Bell quite a bit. He was kind of Marshall (Musil)'s guy too and him and Gabe Ikard were together a lot so me and Blake were together a lot and the same with Daniel Noble. I got to hang out with him quite a bit too.

"I liked them a lot, I liked all of the commitments that I met that were down there. It was pretty awesome I've never seen any of those guys but to get to go down there with them, all of them were down there and it was a great time."

As Millard quickly learned no one needs to do much talking in the presence of Ikard, but Millard admits the freshman tight end did a lot to make him comfortable with the situation.

"He talks a lot, but he is a real good guy though," he laughed. "Yeah, he just kind of showed me around and we went around with the guys."

During his visit he also had time to hang out with his future position coach, and offensive coordinator, Kevin Wilson who spoke to Millard about grades and what his future role at h-back will entail.

The two, according to Millard, have formed a solid bond and the talented prospect says that he is anxious to see just how he'll fit into Oklahoma's talented class of 2010.

"I saw him a lot during two-a-days and saw him coaching then. He is a really good guy and a really good coach and I think we have a good connection and a good working environment," he explained.

"He was just making sure that things was going alright with the visit and making sure that I was going to keep a commitment to Oklahoma since they've had a rough year and seeing if I had wavered any and just reassured him that I was always knew I was going to go to Oklahoma."

Like any player on the offensive side of the ball, Millard would love to make a real impact by getting the ball and scoring touchdowns. However, unlike many h-back type prospects he had a chance to show as a senior that he has the ability to make such plays.

In a resurgent season for Rock Bridge the Bruins installed an offense in which Millard featured as a quarterback and took on most of the elements of a 'Wildcat' attack.

"It was awesome, everyone wants to have the ball in their hands as much as they can and this year I got that opportunity. I think I did pretty well and had some big games but I had a lot of help from my teammates," he humbly said.

One teammate he'll hope to get some help from in the coming years is his future quarterback, Bell. That being said, Millard isn't about to pull any punches when it comes to competing with the Sooners four-star signal caller.

"I played him in NCAA football and I intercepted him a few times. I told him he might have to find a new position(laughing)."

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