December 6, 2009

McClain Approaches the Finish Line

Few players are looking forward to the end of Christmas break more than Cibolo (Texas) Steele wide receiver Sheldon McClain, not only does it mean the end of a semester, the upcoming arrival of Christmas, but for McClain it means his high school career both athletically and academically is complete.

The 6-foot-2, 174-pound long-time Sooner commitment recently took in his future home during his official visit for the Oklahoma State game.

"It was all good, it was pretty much nothing I haven't seen before because I have been there a few times. But it was my first Oklahoma home football game that I went to other than the spring game so that was pretty neat," McClain said. "I'm amazed how many people showed up.

"I really enjoyed the training room. That's the stuff that will help me get back out there. I'm looking forward to being able to use these tools and things that will enhance my rehab.

"I was talking to coach (Jay) Norvell and we were Just pretty much talking about the next time I'll see you it will be for good, the next time I see him he will officially be my coach."

So what does he think of being so close to that massive transition in their relationship?

"It's going to be weird at first because I'll be use to him being nice. And will go to him yelling at me because I didn't do that right. I knew it was going to come eventually," he said.

But before he can get to work with Norvell he'll have to spend a lot of time in the training room with the Sooner medical staff to full recover from the knee injury he suffered early this season for the Knights.

"Right now I'm doing really good, and that's a really good thing. I can't wait to be done. I'm already two months out from the injury. By the time I'm at OU I'll be getting close to being ready to start really moving around some," he said.

Watching Oklahoma's big game was an exciting thing for McClain and while he was just as caught up as many of the other commitments during the game he couldn't help but feel a bit of sadness that his lone desire couldn't be met.

"It's tough, you know, the other guys are able to play. I still have a lot of work to do before I'm able to play so it was kind of tough. I mean thinking of playing out there, I'm just not able to go out there just yet. My chance will come though," he explained.

On the visit he was hosted by the ever popular freshman duo of Jaz Reynolds and Demontre Hurst but says that during the game his attention was focused solely on Oklahoma's star receiver Ryan Broyles.

After watching him McClain offered some thoughts on what makes the Sooner sophomore such a dangerous weapon for Landry Jones and co.

"My attention was focused, he is a really good receiver," he said. "Ryan is not the tallest receiver. He is about 5-foot-11, but he is so smooth when he plays, he catches the ball and that's what gives him the advantage over these defensive backs on the other team and that's what makes him successful."

During the visit McClain said a big part of his visit was continuing to form a bond with Sooner quarterback commitment Blake Bell. However it wasn't just his future battery mate that McClain spent time hanging around it was the entire massive list of Sooner commitments who made the trip to Norman.

"Blake and I have seen each other at the camp and we knew who each other were. We clicked at the camp and we are trying to develop that chemistry in the years to come," McClain stated. "I also got to be around Jarrett Lake, Rashod Favors, Aaron Colvin, Torrea Peterson. It was crazy as soon as we got around each other and were around each other, there were no awkward times, we were up there having a good time."

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